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Rose Meechan
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Minto Longbranch or 3600 Lakeshore Townhomes (Condo Townhomes), Etobicoke

New and Pre-construction Townhomes/Townhouses in GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

For new and pre-construction townhouses, I work with builders like Menkes, Minto, etc. to provide you the best options for your needs. Unlike high-rise condo towers, townhouse communities are very fast to build-a townhouse community is ready in less than 6 months. The occupancies for these townhouses are 2014 through 2016.

1. Bloom Park Towns (Condo Townhomes and Freehold Townhomes) by Menkes, North York (starting from $310,000) Freehold townhomes sales are open!

2. Minto Southshore Townhouses (Condo Townhouses), Etobicoke (starting from $300,000)

3. Yorkdale Village Townhouses at Downsview Park (Condo Townhouses), Downtown Toronto (starting from $260,000)

4. The Marquee or Pinnacle Uptown Townhomes (Condo Townhomes), Mississauga (starting from $700,000) NEW!

5. Warden Woods Townhomes (Freehold Townhomes), Scarborough (starting from $450,000)

6. HOT Townhomes and Condos (Condo Townhouses) by Great Gulf, Mississauga (starting from $200,000)

7. Woodbridge Crossing Townhomes (Freehold Townhomes), Woodbridge, Vaughan (starting from $490,000) NEW!

8. Three7 Condos and Lofts (Condo Townhomes), Scarborough (starting from $215,000)

9. Hampshire Mews Freehold Townhomes, Richmond Hill (starting from $418,000) NEW!

10. Oggi Boutique Townhomes (Condo Townhomes), Vaughan  (starting from $240,000) NEW!

11. Heritage Gate Townhomes (Freehold Townhomes and Semi-Detached Homes), Mississauga (starting from $500,000)

12. Canterbury Lawrence Park Townhomes (Condo Townhomes), Downtown Toronto (starting from $700,000)

13. Gates of Humber Ridge Townhomes (Freehold Townhomes), Richmond Hill (starting from $470,000)

14. Churchill Collection Townhomes in Forest Hill, Downtown Toronto (starting from $1.29M)

15. Humber Mews Condo Townhomes by Menkes, Etobicoke (starting from $480,000)

16. The Residences of Bishop's Gate (Freehold Townhomes), Markham (starting from $570,000) NEW!

17. Daniels Lewis Honey Towns (Condo Townhomes and Freehold Semis) by Daniels, Aurora (starting from $384,000)

18. Fairground Lofts Townhouses (Condo Townhouses), Woodbridge, Vaughan (starting from $300,000)

19. Urbancorp's Downsview Park Townhouses (Freehold & Condo), North York (starting from $290,000)

20. Eaton on the Park Townhomes (Condo Townhomes), Scarborough

Riverside Towns Townhomes (Condo Townhomes), Downtown Toronto (starting from $365,000)

22. Widdicombe & Eglinton Townhomes (Condo Townhomes), Downtown Toronto (starting from $300,000)

23. Courtyards of Maple Townhomes (Condo Townhouses) and Condos, Vaughan (starting from $300,000)

24. The Ossington Luxury Townhomes (Freehold Townhomes), Toronto (starting from $830,000) NEW!

25. Westhaven Towns on Islington (Freehold Townhomes), Etobicoke (starting from $633,000)

26. East Village Leslieville (Condo Townhomes), Downtown Toronto (starting from $220,000)

27. Millstone on the Park (Condo Townhomes), Oakville (starting from $300,000)

28. Friday Harbour Condo Townhomes, Innisfil (Lake Simcoe) (starting from $230,000)

29. Ten88 Townhomes (Condo Townhomes), Scarborough (starting from $370,000)

30. Birchmount Gardens Townhouses (Condo Townhomes), Scarborough (starting from $300,000)

31. Imagine Townhomes and Condos (Condo Townhouses), Scarborough (starting from $180,000)

32. The Carlaw Townhomes at Carlaw and Dundas (Condo Townhomes), Downtown Toronto (starting from $480,000) 

33. Dwell Townhomes (Condo Townhomes), Etobicoke (starting from $290,000) 

34. Minto Longbranch or 3600 Lakeshore Townhomes (Condo Townhomes), Etobicoke

35. The Towns at Parkside Village, by Amacon (Freehold Townhomes), Mississauga

36. Brownstones at Westown (Condo Townhomes), Downtown Toronto (starting from $330,000)

37. The Highlands Townhomes by Daniels (Condo Townhomes), Newmarket (starting from $440,000)

38. Hendon Park Towns (Condo Townhomes) by Wycliffe Homes, North York (starting from $390,000).

39. Lex Towns (Freehold Townhomes), Downtown Toronto (starting from $475,000)

40. 651 Warden Avenue (Condo and Freehold Townhomes), Downtown Toronto

41. Glow Townhouses (Freehold Townhomes), Mississauga (starting from $500,000)

42. Grand Cornell Brownstones by Lindvest (Condo Townhomes), Markham  (starting from $330,000)

43. North 88 Estates by Senator Homes (Freehold Townhomes), North York (starting from $800,000)

See also:
* Jackson Creek Meadows, Peterborough (Freehold Townhomes and Detached Homes, starting from $241,000)

* Val Homes (Freehold Semi-Detached and Detached homes), Etobicoke (starting from $780,000)

Buyers of pre-construction townhouses do not pay anything for my services-the services are COMPLETELY FREE.

Buying through you vs. buying directly from the builder
a) Pre-construction condo and townhome buying contracts like your Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS, the document you sign when you agree to purchase the property. See blank document here) are legal documents which have a large number of clauses and conditions in them. I am here to explain you all the details of the APS and other contracts, and will co-ordinate with a real estate lawyer and a mortgage broker to make sure everything is ok in the contracts and the financing requirements (typically, an APS is reviewed and amended a few times before final approval. The buying process after signing of the APS will last from 2 to 12 weeks). The builder's representative and the builder's lawyer need a lot of paperwork and documentation from you, the real estate lawyer, and the mortgage broker; and I will help you prepare all the paperwork.

b) If things go wrong in the construction process, e.g. delays by builder, or even a builder going bankrupt (happens rarely, but happens, e.g. in Nov. 2008), I will help you with all the legal and administrative procedures to invoke the guarantees (e.g. Tarion), get your deposit money back, etc; and will work with other agents and buyers to find a joint solution.

c) When we are evaluating pre-construction townhomes, I will show you various properties from different builders in your area of interest. We will compare the properties on data like per sq. ft, floor premium, orientation premium, parking space price, locker price etc. so you can decide objectively which property is the best for you. Because I work with many builders/developers at the same time, I have no interest in pushing any one developer or townhouse building to you.

d) Builders charge the highest prices to clients who come into their sales office without a knowledgeable real estate agent. I am usually on the builder's Platinum or VIP agent list, which means I can get first access to pricing and inventory, and other limited-time offers and discounts which the builder offers to VIP/Platinum agents' clients.

e) If there are problems from your side-unexpected mortgage payment delays (e.g. due to you losing your job, big loss in your business), you moving or relocating to another part of the country/world, etc. during the construction process, I will talk to the builder on your behalf to find mutually acceptable solutions.

f) When the building is almost ready and you are ready to take the keys to the property, I help you with Pre-delivery and Post-delivery inspections. If there is anything which was promised in the APS, the builder's brochures about the property, or in the property's specifications,  but is not constructed or installed correctly, I will help you in getting things fixed from the builder. We will contact Tarion if necessary (Example: Recently, a client who moved-in into a newly constructed condo did not have the door to their 2nd bathroom installed for 2 weeks. They emailed the builder a couple of times but nothing was done. I assisted them in filing a formal complaint with Tarion, and a copy of the complaint was sent to the builder. The door was installed in the next few days after the complaint was filed). At closing, I co-ordinate with a real estate lawyer to make sure everything is in order. I will also look up your property at the Land Registry with the Ontario Government, independently of the builder.

g) During the entire pre-construction process, you never need to communicate directly with the builder (unless you want to)-I communicate on your behalf with the builder, making things easier and less stressful for you. The builder also routes all communication to you through me.

h) If you have problems with the builder during the pre-construction phase or before closing, I will be there to help you sort things out. This includes filing complaints to the Government and pursuing legal options against the builder, if needed.

i) All these services are completely free of charge for you. My services are COMPLETELY FREE for buyers of all properties: pre-construction condos, resale condos, townhomes, homes, commercial properties, etc.

See 'Buyers' section for more on Pre-Construction Condo and Townhome purchases

Download my free guide to buying a preconstruction condo or townhome in Toronto (.pdf format, 2 pages)

Also see: Homes in GTA

In addition to properties which appear on this website, there are many other exclusive/niche advertised properties which I have access to-internal brokerage listings, for sale by owner (FSBO) properties, and new homes directly from the builder. Please let me know what kind of property you are looking for (by sending me an email/calling me)-there might be other good options for you.

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Rose Meechan
M. Sc.,Telecommunications Engineering
Real Estate Agent/Sales Representative

Phone: (416) 333 2767

Email: Rose@TorontoYorkHomes.com

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